Devotions from Judy’s heart

Sometimes in our walk with the Lord we may back slide into old ways, may grieve the Spirit, and lose our power. It is not a good place to be and things are not right.  Maybe there has been a storm in our lives, something devastating, and we blame God.  We were without power after a wind storm hit Canaan on Monday night.  Only 24 hours without power but it changed everything. Dishes sat dirty in the sink, clothes couldn’t be washed, no e-mails, no hot food etc. But when the power came on, everything in the house started going again, including the Air Conditioning.  Things were right! , I think we felt like dancing and shouting.
We were made for the Lord, and when we choose to blame God or go our own way, we miss out on the abundant life that He has for us.  But He is so ready to receive us and forgive us when we recognize our plight and cry out to Him. It is like a new beginning….like the lights are turned on again. Yes, we will all have storms in our lives and things that want to knock us off balance. But let us hold on tightly to the Lord and He will take us through