I think all of us have special ways the Lord speaks to us individually. I remember a pastor going down to the river near us, when we had pastoral soul care groups each month….and he laid down on the ice and looked through it and God spoke to him. I was amazed!  God can use anything to speak if we have ears to hear. One thing that is a constant to me is the clouds. They continually speak to me of infinity and of His love. Lately as I have floated on the lake, I have gazed up to the clouds and beyond them….  there seems to be no ending to their depth…..it’s as if they continue forever. I just imagine what is beyond them and think of glory and all that awaits us. (“The heavens proclaim His righteousness” as I read today from Ps. 97:6)   Now clouds may say nothing to you, but maybe something else does that just put you in touch in a deeper way with Him. Pay attention and let it be a reminder that what you see in this world is not all there is. What is unseen is more real and eternal!!