Devotions from Jan Johnson’s book, “Invitation to the Jesus Life”

This is my last devotional from her book. And today I would just like to leave you with some of her ideas for spiritual practices to connect with God and absorb His transcendence

  1. Meditation:  Picture scenes of scripture as you slowly read them and see how you might have reacted if you were there etc
  2. Reflection: think of moments that have occurred lately when Heaven and earth have overlapped but maybe you have missed them.
  3. Sacrifice: give away something you need and watch God supply your need
  4. Worship and celebration: Consider songs that highlight the transcendence of Jesus and sing them to Him
  5. Fasting: Fast in some way, focusing on how this helps you experience the reality of His kingdom and relying on Him,
  6. Guidance: Who might help you understand how God is inviting you to partner with Him?
  7. Practicing His presence:  May pick up an object in your home and consider how Jesus was before all things and how things hold together through Him
  8. Reflection and Confession: Examine yourself and then confess to God.
  9. Secrecy: Allow something good about you or good deed you have done to remain hidden from another who might be overwhelmed by it.
  10. Service: Ask God to show you how to give people space to be themselves
  11. Study: Consider which passages in Scripture most speak to you about the majesty of God.

Let us learn what it is like to live with Jesus day by day and be transformed into people that love God and love others.  It is the most worthwhile thing we can ever do!