Devotions from Judy’s heart

On my prayer walk I often walk by a new cabin that has a rusted metal wild boar at the entrance to their road. To me it seems very unwelcoming and rather startling each time I pass. It caused me to think of what it means to be a welcoming presence in the Body of Christ. Are people “put off” ( startled)  or welcomed by our presence?  In our present church we had a Meet and Greet time for a new prospective pastor that will be voted on soon. Al is also preparing the congregation where he is interim, to welcome their new pastor coming soon. I know it made such a difference when we moved to a new congregation when they welcomed us with open arms. Some were waiting at the parsonage to unload our van, even set up our appliances and arrange our furniture. It helped knit our hearts to theirs right away. It is important to ask the Lord how we can be there for another.  How can we go out of our way to make someone else feel comfortable and to think of their needs above our own?  How can we best show His love to those He has placed in our lives?  I think Rom. 15:7 says it perfectly, “Welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God.”