Dear Ones,
Hope you had a wonderful weekend. This morning I made a peanut cake and went to Aldi’s and to my exercise class. It’s a beautiful day sunny and can’t wait to go on our walk. On Saturday we walked  at the Arbortum and they still had the Christmas lights up. 
Devotions from Judy’s heart
Have you noticed how often when we do something for someone else it seems to come back to us in a variety of ways? It makes me think of what King Solomon had to say in Eccl. 11:1(ESV), “Cast your bread upon the waters, for you will find it after many days.” He uses this as a metaphor, and it could be a generous deed we do, which surprisedly brings us a return. Maybe the Lord impresses upon us to do an act of kindness and show generosity in some way, even though it may seem unlikely that the good we did, will come back to us. Such was the case for a friend of mine who recently shared with me about a loving music/voice teacher she had who had the most profound influence on her life. (He was second, only to her mom). Years ago, when she was a senior in high school, she was going through a hard time and attributes him to saving her from a “nervous breakdown”. I know my friend as a very hard worker for I observed her when we were in nurses training together. But at the time, during high school, she had so much on her plate that and she felt depressed and had a hard time to sing. She grew up on a farm and had an overload of farm work to do besides her own homework and trying to catch up after missing school because of having the Asian Flu. Her music teacher was very perceptive and made a way for her to have extra hours during the school day to study and encouraged her. He was very loving and wise and through the years gave her tutelage in music, and gave her wise counsel as she got her music degree. She is so grateful to him through all the years he has been there for her; and she uses her voice and playing for God’s glory. But just recently he has needed her help since he and his wife have no children or relatives nearby. He has serious health concerns and needs her to help navigate through his present health crises. I’m sure way back when my friend was in high school and college, her music director never imagined that one day she would return the kindness he showed her. It says in Prov. 11:18b (NRSV), “But those who sow righteousness get a true reward.” We are to do good as directed by the Lord, and then leave the results up to God. Often times our bread comes back to us, not necessarily always, but let us remember to always do it for His sake.
Challenge for today: When you are prompted to do some good deed, remember to thank the Lord if it should come back to you some day.
Blessings on your day and prayers and love Judy