Devotions based on thoughts from Michael Molinos in The Spiritual Guide

There are two kinds of humility: one false and counterfeit and the other true.  False humility is seen in those who go out of their way to speak often of how bad they are and call themselves miserable. They may take the lowest places, dress poorly, speak submissively, speak often of their faults etc.  Such conduct is not going to convince God they are humble.

True humility never thinks of humility. It is an inward thing. Those who have it act patiently and live in God. They do not care to be thought well of by the world and are content with what God gives them…even when that means suffering.

When others  attack them they don’t have to defend or respond. They can’t be hurt by others but only by their own pride.

Replying to things said about us is evidence our self yet reigns and grows out of pride. If we think we have made progress in humility, chances are we haven’t. “True humility abides inwardly in the quiet of a man’s heart. It abides there and rests there.” Let us walk in true humility and desire to know His greatness and recognize how much we need His grace.