Devotions from Lisa McMinn’s book, The Contented Soul

For some people the art of savoring life comes very naturally and for others we have to learn it. We need constant reminders that our contentment is rooted in the work of Christ and to be experienced here and now. He wants to transform our lives and give us joy in obedience to Him. But full contentment will never be complete until our heavenly existence. We are people who live in between Eden and heaven and hold the hope that what our soul longs for will be satisfied one day. Living with this hope helps us to accept suffering and disappointment with the knowledge that God is with us and will heal our wounds.  We can be content because our hope is in something yet to come. We don’t need to try to escape our struggles but embrace them. May we walk gently, to live as Jesus would live, mindful of all life. May we remember that “contentment is rooted in a God who loves us and calls us to be present to our earthy, physical existence as we journey toward shalom”.