Devotions from Lisa McMinn’s book, The Contented Soul

“Contentment is found in the arms of God”.   Contentment is found when we cease from seeing ourselves as a soul that belongs to our own self and instead belongs to God, who made us and loves us. When we know we belong we can hold life, relationships and possessions loosely, have open hands, and live in a place of quiet joy. God is the source of our life, freedom and contentment!

Ever since the Fall, we have been prone to separate the body and soul, usually paying more attention to the care and pleasure of our body. “True freedom, according to Augustine, is the ability to choose to do what is right because body, mind and soul are fully aligned in a way that honors God, bringing us joy and contentment. The body and soul are not in competition but together move us ever deeper into the ‘vast environment’ of God and creation.”

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