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  • May 20, 2021 - Dear Ones,   Happy weekend to you and may you enjoy some leisure time. This morning I did food prep and made G.F. Choc chip cookies and took a friend shopping. It is so beautiful out my window as I write as the trees are blossoming and changing every day.Devotions from Judy's heart   Possessions… Continue Reading
  • May 19, 2022 - Dear Ones, Hope you are enjoyng the day. I went downstairs this morning for coffee and donuts. Ann was just here for lunch and soon we have Bible Study and then some errands to run.   Devotions from Judy's heart    More than ever before we need to be people of hope. So much darkness about… Continue Reading
  • May 18, 2022 - Dear Ones, Hope you are enjoying this beautiful sunny day. I baked cookies this morning and did food prep and went to my exercise class. This afternoon I am going to work down in our storage area to put away winter clothes and to find things for a sale at Bible Camp. Tonight we have… Continue Reading
  • May 17, 2022 - Dear Ones, Hope you wake to another sunny day with spring bursting forth! I love observing out our bedroom window of trees that are changing daily. Would that we would all be growing every day and not hindered in the transfomation process. What things seem to block us  from being transformed to the likeness of… Continue Reading
  • May 16 2022 - Dear Ones, Hope you had a wonderful weekend. We enjoyed our time in Kansas with family and thank you for prayers for our safe travels. This morning I went to my dermatology appointment and then to Aldi's and on to my exercise class. Thankful we live so close to things here and can just buzz… Continue Reading
  • May 14, 2022 - Dear Ones, Hope you are having a great day.   We are home now as we left early this morning from Kansas. Enjoyed our time there so much and loved seeing Lily play soccer, shopped, ate outside, and also saw Kurt's video of family and  the moving of the sauna down the big hill to the… Continue Reading
  • May 13, 2022 - Dear Ones, We are at our son's home in Olathe, Kansas and enjoying time with family and also nice warm temperatures. We arrived yesterday in time to go to Lily's soccer game where they tied in double overtime. Very exciting and also cozy warm as the sun went down while we watched. This morning  we… Continue Reading
  • May 12, 2022 - Dear Ones, I am sending out tomorrow's devotion tonight as we will be on the road very early tomorrow and traveling to Olathe, Kansas. We are going to Kurt's and want to be there in time to go to our granddaughter Lily's soccer game. Looking forward to a weekend of catching up. Appreciate prayer for… Continue Reading
  • May 11, 2022 - Dear Ones,   Hope you are having a good day and one of peace. I did some packing this morning and went to my exercise class. This afternoon we have someone coming to our craft class with ideas and all the makings for us to create several cards. We leave very early tomorrow morning for… Continue Reading
  • May 10, 2022 - Dear Ones, Hope you wake up to a day of peace and joy!Devotions from Judy's heart   For Mother's Day I got a card from my surrogate son whom I have known for many years. His parents are with the Lord, and I am blessed he has chosen me to be his surrogate mom. In his… Continue Reading