Devotions based on Lisa Graham McMinn’s boo, The Contented Soul

St. Augustine wrote, “O Lord God, grant us peace, for you have given us all things. Grant us the peace of quietness, the peace of the Sabbath which has no evening.”  All of us are surrounded by simple pleasures. Contentment is waiting for us and invites us to savor each moment, and as we do this it honors God who gave us life.  But many focus on what they don’t possess or pursue and therefore are never satisfied. Too often we live unexamined and disconnected lives.  Paul on the other hand had learned to be content in every living situation, whether it was plenty or little. ( Phil. 4) Jesus life, death, and resurrection were his source of contentment and also the foundation of ours. Contentment can grow deep within us when our soul has been reconciled to God. Even when we go through troubles He will not leave us.  “We can welcome a life tapestry woven with threads both painful and joyous, because  we are loved and held by a personally present God.”