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  • Don’t Give Up - The prophet Micah was called to prophecy to Israel and Judea, exhorting them to repentance. He called out the disobedience of God's people, especially in Jerusalem.  In Chapter 7:1-7, we find Micah walking around the city, absorbing, "both the appalling scale of the wickedness and the implications of the doom he has just declared" (Bible Speaks Today).  … Continue Reading
  • Say, I Won’t - I appreciate the music of "MercyMe."  I believe the band can relate to men with both lyrics and style, and their music affects me deeply.  They have a new song out entitled, "Say I Won't."  When I saw the word "rocket" in the lyrics and heard the song, the rest was history. Please listen here:… Continue Reading
  • Peace, Peace – and no Peace - Watching and reading the media's narrative on the state of our nation, I often visualize bandages being applied to deep cultural wounds.  These wounds fester beneath the surface, producing enormous amounts of pent-up anger and frustration that will one day boil over in lawlessness.  I feel I’m being force-fed a false sense of peace when spiritually… Continue Reading
  • On Life Support - Do you ever feel like your spiritual life has hit a brick wall?  Especially this past year, have you found yourself depending on others to feed you spiritually, while inside you are thirsting for something to sustain you?  Are you afraid of others getting a glimpse of what is really going on in your soul? … Continue Reading
  • I Abandoned My Post - My bride and I had a disagreement on a recent Sunday morning as we were getting ready for church.  We came to an agreement and went off to the service. But I did not let go. I shut down emotionally. We both knew the oneness of spirit was missing.  I nursed my wounds all day. Monday morning helped me see… Continue Reading
  • Being a “Watchman” - I have been blogging now for over 12 years. I never imagined I would still be blogging in 2021.  A lot has changed in those years and in my own personal journey.  But in my retirement, I am grateful for having a blog site. It has given me an outlet for my spiritual motivation, which… Continue Reading
  • Boy Energy - In an "Institute for Family Studies" article, Philip Zimbardo and Nikita Coulombe have a very informative essay on the place of young men in our culture. "We determined," the authors state, "that in our culture today, "boy energy" is at best not valued and at worst demonized.  In response, young men are deciding that it's… Continue Reading
  • I Am Not a Mechanism - Recently, while going through some old papers, I came across a poem by D.H. Lawrence that spoke to me some years ago.  I was amazed at how it still speaks to my heart today. I am not a mechanism, an assembly of various sections And it is not because the mechanism is working wrongly, that I am ill. I… Continue Reading
  • A Perfect Storm - An unknown author recently described this past year: "Year 2020 has been a brutal, perfect storm of a pandemic, a contentious election, racial unrest, financial troubles and conspiracy theories."  One way of visualizing this storm is to see it as a rising flood.   The approaching flood waters are a warning to wild men (men of faith)… Continue Reading
  • Mercy in the Midst of Judgment - Jeremiah is known as "the weeping prophet."  He kept warning the people of Judah of God’s approaching judgment at the hands of the Babylonians.  They ignored his warnings.  God even instructed Jeremiah not to pray for the people. "Pray no more for these people, Jeremiah.  Do not weep or pray for them, for I will… Continue Reading