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  • Suddenly - Andrew Yang recently wrote in a blog, "Everything is changing all at once.  The change moves in lockstep, even as it summons up bewilderment, chagrin, and pushback.  The pushback feels… Continue Reading
  • Fragility, not Feminization - Recently, I read an article by Elizabeth Grace Matthew entitled Fragility, Not Feminization, Is What's Ailing America's Men.  I wonder - can we overemphasize feminization while neglecting the fragility of… Continue Reading
  • Tale of Two Cities - Isaiah 47 and 48 give us a picture of two cities: Babylon and Jerusalem.  In his commentary on Isaiah, John Oswalt writes, "Isaiah 47-48 should be considered together as two… Continue Reading
  • Hopeful Song - This blog is a personal testimony celebrating a luminous experience on my spiritual  journey.  These kinds of moments often happen when I am introduced to new songs I have not… Continue Reading
  • The Masculine Critique - An article by Delano Squires of the Institute for Family Studies alerted me to a new movement.  A "masculine critique" is emerging as a result of the 1960s feminist movement. … Continue Reading
  • Numbering My Days - This blog reflects on the personal journey of one who has tried to follow the Lord for the past 65 years.  At my age, one spends time looking back in… Continue Reading
  • Men’s Grief - Ronald Rolheiser has a chapter on Honest Anger in his book, The Fire Within.  In my opinion, this chapter speaks to a deep issue in the lives of men.  "We… Continue Reading
  • Common Good Men - In an article entitled "Common Good Men" (Touchstone), Nancy Pearcey asks, "How can Christians create a balanced view that stands against the outright male-bashing that is so common, yet also… Continue Reading
  • Groping Along the Wall - The prophet Isaiah continually reminded God's people of their calling to bring the news of God's glorious reign to the whole world.  This still holds true in our day.  But… Continue Reading
  • Masculinity’s Pitfalls & Power - In 2021, the Institute for Family Studies conducted a survey to explore the supposed masculinity problem in our day.  It is very encouraging and uplifting in light of the mantra… Continue Reading