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  • On The Trail - Judy and I have developed the rewarding habit of walking the Paul Bunyan Trail each day. It is built on an old railroad bed that takes us into the woods, giving us a real sense of being with the Lord in nature. We are blessed as we share these little journeys together.  God has given… Continue Reading
  • Pillow Talk - Like many of you, my bride and I engage in pillow talk as we drift off to sleep.  It typically covers a wide array of subjects.  Never are the conversations very long since we’re both usually tired.  On one particular night, though, my wife simply stated, "You really have been changing."  I was totally caught… Continue Reading
  • In The Beginning - Men, when we look for signs of God's displeasure with our declining culture, a recent tweet from the ALCU gives one pause: "On International Women's Day, here's your reminder that trans women are women."  This proclamation declares that a biological man who thinks himself to be a woman is, in fact, a woman.  In a… Continue Reading
  • Scars in Heaven - Recently I was very touched by Casting Crowns' new single, "Scars in Heaven."  When I first heard it online, I cried like a baby.  It was the chorus that broke me: The only scars in Heaven, they won't belong to me and you  There'll be no such thing as broken and all the old will… Continue Reading
  • Stiff-necked Presumption - Jeremiah the prophet preached a message of repentance for 40 years without seeing any real change.  He predicted that Judah would be punished because of its sin and disobedience. Finally, in 586 B.C., Jerusalem was destroyed and its leading citizens were deported to Babylon.  Their exile would last for 70 years.  He accused the people… Continue Reading
  • Happy Father’s Day from Judy - Blessed are those who have learned to acclaim you, who walk in the light of your presence, Lord. They rejoice in your name all day long; they celebrate your righteousness.  Psalm 89:15-16 NIV This blog is written by my bride, Judy. She is the finest Christian I know and walks closely with the Lord.  I call her spirituality a… Continue Reading
  • Happy 80th, Bob Dylan - Both Bob Dylan and I celebrate our 80th birthdays this year.  He was born in northern Minnesota, where I now live, and I was born in northern Michigan.  We both come from iron mining towns (Hibbing, MN and Negaunee, MI).  We both have lived through some turbulent times… I remember so well singing "Blowin' in… Continue Reading
  • He Will Do Nothing - The prophets of the Old Testament continually warned against false prophets.  In our day these are the voices that assure us that all will be fine with the direction of our nation, even as we disregard our Creator.  Listen to Jeremiah: “They have lied about the Lord; they said, ‘He will do nothing! No harm will… Continue Reading
  • Our Cheating Heart - The prophet Hosea was told to demonstrate God‘s love by marrying a prostitute and having children with her. This lived parable portrays Israel as a cheating wife. It reveals the depth of God's pain and his love for his people.  He wants intimacy with his people but they continue to reject and betray him.  This message should… Continue Reading
  • Missing in Action - Men reading this blog will gain some insight into the challenges Judy and I experience as we seek to be light in our world.  Jesus tells us, "I am the light of the world.  Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life" (John 8:12). We pray each day… Continue Reading