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  • Peace, Peace - I continue to ask the Lord to help me grasp the message of the prophets, so as to apply it to our day.  If God's word is relevant for our day, the question I ask, "What are the prophets saying in 2020.  Amos assures us "The lion has roared - who will not fear?  The… Continue Reading
  • Return to the Lord - These are words of the prophet Joel, calling for repentance, knowing that God's judgment was near.  It has been difficult to either date or trace the prophecy of Joel to a person or place.  "The events  described in it are, at one and the same time, unprecedented and timeless.  The message of Joel is, therefore,… Continue Reading
  • Whining and Complaining Men - This blog comes as another "Wildman" alert. In the days to come, you will be greatly tempted to complain and whine, like the Israelites in  the wilderness - "They whined like spoiled children" (Ps. 78:18 MGS).  More then ever, as the confusion gathers and the dissidence intensifies, God will raise up men whose conversation will… Continue Reading
  • “The Return” & Prayer March - I want to bring your attention to the two prayer events that took place on Saturday (Sept 26) in Washington D.C.  You might have watch on line or even attended.  I watch on line. This was a "kairos" time for our divided nation.  The organizer of "The Return" Jonathan Cahn described  the spiritual condition of… Continue Reading
  • Inflated Tires - I read Glenn Stanton's recent article in The Daily Citizen (Focus on the Family) entitled "Atlantic Magazine Science Writer: Men Don't Have to Menstruate."  It got my attention.  The article was "about how suffering through the end of their monthly cycle might now be a thing of the past for women."  But the shocker was,… Continue Reading
  • Matrilineal - Recently I read an article in Mere Orthodoxy with the captivating title of "American Evangelicalism isn't patriarchal or feminized. It's matrilineal." The article has got me pondering the criticism of the church being feminized. I have often written about the feminization of the church. Matrilineal is a verb referring to behavior or characteristics that are… Continue Reading
  • Itching Ears - New research from George Barna shows, "a broad, deep gap in American political beliefs and behavior, rooted not in ideology or partisanship, but in fundamental differences in the worldview of voting-age adults being fueled by a national cultural shift away from the biblical worldview." Barna believes, based on his research that, "The 2020 election is… Continue Reading
  • The Tonic of masculinity - "The tonic of masculinity" caught my attention while reading an article by Bill Donaghy about  men.   "If we have been steeped in the lies of porn, if we've let ourselves be defined by the hashtag "toxic masculinity", then we have work to do," declares Donaghy.  He exhorts us to, "go back to the beginning to… Continue Reading
  • Shame and responsibility - I spend time daily on the internet, reading news sources and Christian blog sites to make some sense out of our world.  I also am on the look out for articles regarding masculinity, to help me better articulate a healthy male perspective for men and their walk with Jesus. Every once in a while, I… Continue Reading
  • J.R.R. Tolkien and Marriage - I recently read an article by David Mills revealing insights into the marriage of Tolkien, who was married 55 years to Edith.  By all accounts the marriage was successful but not necessarily happy.  Near the end of his life, after Edith had died, Tolkien shared some reflections on his marriage with his son Christopher. After… Continue Reading