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  • The Fury of the Fatherless - Mary Eberstadt is a sociologist who studies faith and family. She wrote recently in First Things, "… Summer 2020 signals something new.  The triply disenfranchised children of the West have achieved critical mass.  They have slipped the surly bonds of their atomized childhoods; they have found their fellow raging sufferers and formed online families; and… Continue Reading
  • “They” and Lies - Merriam-Webster announced "they" as their Word of the Year.  The word increased 313% in 2019 over the previous year.  The pronoun "they" may now be used as a singular pronoun.  Merriam-Webster explained that "they" should be used for individuals who are "gender-nonconforming" or "nonbinary" and prefer the plural pronoun to refer to themselves, instead of… Continue Reading
  • Rescuing a Brother - I meet with a group of men at my church; we call ourselves "a band of brothers." During a recent gathering, we talked about the spiritual decline of America and abandoned, wayward brothers. We agreed that one of our missions is to "rescue" other brothers, living with broken hearts, who could be influenced by cultural lies.… Continue Reading
  • The Great Reset - At its annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland, the World Economic Forum recently called for “The Great Reset.” Representing many of the world’s most powerful people, the Forum’s founder (Klaus Schwab) says a new movement called "the Fourth Industrial Revolution" will lead to "...a fusion of our physical, our digital and our biological identities."   Schwab believes… Continue Reading
  • The Expressive Individual - Civil unrest in America has been increasing.  As a nation, we hold our collective breath, hoping it will not escalate into civil war.  Personally, I lament the deep anger towards people of faith being accused of "hate speech."  To express our views is seen as "violence."  What gives rise to such disconcerting reactions? I found… Continue Reading
  • Father Knows Best - I write this on Thanksgiving Day.  My bride and I are alone in our apartment due to the coronavirus. But we are content since our lifestyle already resembles that of a "monk and nun" living a somewhat atypical monastic life.  Even so, we see that Thanksgiving has changed over the years.  I happened upon an… Continue Reading
  • “Does it Matter” - I am a football fan, which means another season enduring ads trying to manipulate men in new, subconscious ways.  I notice some ads are beginning to make social statements. Rod Dreher calls this "woke capitalism."  He maintains, "Woke capitalism is now the most transformative agent within the religion of social justice, because it unites progressive… Continue Reading
  • The Problem of Virility - Here is more insight from Alastair Roberts.  He notes our society has difficulty with male virility because of what he calls, "gender-integrated environments."   How  do we deal with the male libido?  "When historically male spaces become gender-integrated,"  maintains Roberts, "men must tone themselves down in practically every realm of life."  Men then become stunted, needing… Continue Reading
  • Our Moral Compass - Findings of the biennial State of Theology survey from Ligonier Ministers conducted with Lifeway found more than half of American adults, including 30% of evangelicals, I believe that Jesus isn't God but rather a great teacher.  52% of American adults believe that Jesus was a great teacher and nothing more, while  65% of evangelicals agreed… Continue Reading
  • Dust of Death - InterVarsity Press (IVP) has reissued Os Guinness's book, "The Dust of Death," published in 1973 .  I read the book several times as a young pastor back in the early 70's.  Guinness gave me a  confident voice in articulating the gospel.  As a feeling-intuitive student of culture, I desperately needed a biblically-based analysis of the… Continue Reading