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  • The Pagan Public Square - The title of this blog might surprise you.  It is the title of an article by Robert P George,  professor of law at Princeton.  He points out that secular liberals or "progressives" are making little effort to maintain "the pretense of  neutrality."  "Having gained the advantage" notes George,  "on battle front after battle front in… Continue Reading
  • The Jesus Movement 2020? - I am a product of the Jesus Movement.  I was a seminary student and a young pastor when the Jesus movement began in California in the late 60's and early 70's and than spread throughout the rest of North America and even into Europe.  Like today,  those days were marked by political strife, racial tension,… Continue Reading
  • Cancel Culture - The term "cancel culture" was not part of our national consciousness only a few years ago.  But very quickly free speech and open debate are being called into question.  Biblical views of marriage,  sex and abortion are being met with intolerance.  We are living in a post-Christian culture. Jesus warned us: "Stay alert.  This is… Continue Reading
  • The Hatred of Man - If you want to get a fresh, objective and unbiased critic of Western society it is helpful to see it through the eyes of an informed spiritual leader from the third world.  Such a person is Robert Cardinal Sarah from Guinea, West Africa, who was made a archbishop by Pope John Paul II and a… Continue Reading
  • The ‘M’ Word - Mark Regnerus, a leading Christian sociologist has done extensive research on marriage.  In a recent article he observed  that among many academics, marriage, "is now considered the 'M' word, almost in the same category as other dirty words."  He has found, "the institution of marriage is under severe strain." Regnerus warns, "marriage is getting rarer. … Continue Reading
  • My Constant Lover - I have been reading the memoirs of my mentor, James Houston.  God has given him a rich and rewarding life as leader in the Evangelical spirituality movement.  He is now 98 years old. His books and recordings have impacted my life, just when I needed the wisdom and insight he was able to offer.  I… Continue Reading
  • Thomas Merton - Years ago, as a young pastor I became acquainted with the writings of Henri Nouwen.  A quote from a book about Thomas Merton, has stuck with me  through all these years.  It certainly applies to our day.  "Bitterness is the reaction of one who expects some thing from another without daring to look into his… Continue Reading
  • Danger with E-Worship - Theologian N.T. Wright has expresses a concern about the danger with e-worship.  He detects a societal shift toward Christianity as being a "private" movement that would have no place in public life.  He sees a danger in virtual church gatherings giving the impression of church as a private club only for the like-minded, cordoning it… Continue Reading
  • The Mural - My wife grew up in south Minneapolis.  Much of our courtship took place in the area where George Floyd was killed.  It is hard see pictures of the destruction that has taken place.  In the midst of the ruins is a mural.   At the corner of East 36th Street and Chicago Avenue, on the wall… Continue Reading
  • My Ordination - I received an unexpected surprise yesterday (May 26th) when the mail arrived.  It was an certificate, acknowledging my  "50th anniversary of ordination" into the Holy Ministry of Word and Sacrament.  I was ordained on May 24,  l970 in my home town of Negaunee, Michigan.   Why do I mention my ordination certificate?  It is a symbol… Continue Reading