Devotions based on Brennan Manning’s book, The Rabbi’s Heaertbeat

The author said when we lack a lively awareness of our core identity as His child, it is easy to become enslaved to the approval and disapproval of others.  Much of our day can be spent placating and pleasing people, and their opinions can hold a control over us.  There is much good that is left undone because of our fear of the opinion of others. We too often think of what others will say rather than doing what is best, although often unpopular.  As we accept more of our core identity as His child, we slowly gain autonomy from controlling relationships.  We become inner-directed rather than out-determined.  We may have moments of pleasure or pain caused by the affirmation or deprivation of others as that never entirely disappears.  Sometimes we have to stand alone when the only alternative is to cut a deal at the price of our integrity.  It is lonely but is courageous to make unpopular decisions that are expressive of the truth of who we are-not of who we think we should be or someone else wants us to be.  But let us follow our conscience and stand for the truth even when others may disapprove. When we stand up and claim responsibility for our unique self, we are growing in freedom from the bondage of human approval.  His approval is all that matters!