Devotions from Brennan Manning’s book The Rabbi’s Heartbeat

The author said, “Genuine faith leads to knowing the love of God, to confessing Jesus as Lord, and to being transformed by what we know.” If we want to know what a person really believes, we don’t just listen to what he says, we watch what he does.  Jesus reinforced his words with deeds. On the eve of His death, he took off His outer garment, tied a towel around His waist, poured water into a basin,  and washed His disciple’s feet. He took the role of a servant and asks us to embrace that lifestyle too. As we do this we bear the stamp of authentic followers of Him.  In our world of upward mobility, to prefer to be the servant rather than the Lord of the household is the path of downward mobility. Servanthood is not an emotion or mood or feeling: it is a decision to live as Jesus lived.  Let us ask Him for a servant’s heart and show us how to serve this day.