Devotions from Judy’s heart,

Isn’t it wonderful how God has equipped us for everything He has purposed for us to do in life? We have gifts that differ from one another and we are to use them!  ( Rom. 12:6)  Sometimes we’ve probably all been guilty of filling an empty place, without asking for the Holy Spirit’s leading. And of course, it gets very frustrating for us and for the others around us when we do that.  While we were helping to build the outdoor brick oven, an Italian builder from Canada was our chief engineer. Al and I both knew, without a doubt, that we could not fill his position but we could be his “go-phers” (laborers). He has built ovens before and knew the steps to take for the end result.   We did not have his expertise to do his job and were glad to take our own place. He on the other hand, may not feel comfortable preaching either!  It is important to let the Lord place us and only fill the slots He has for us. Let us rejoice wherever He assigns us and not apologize for gifts we haven’t been given, but use what we have.