Devotions from Judy’s heart

I read this scripture from Isaiah 64:1 today, “O that you would tear open the heavens and come down!”. I think that all of us have felt at times that there was a ceiling on our prayers and that our prayers didn’t seem to go beyond. Yesterday we talked to Ann’s family on Skype and they could see us plainly and hear us clearly but their voices were very garbled to us. We tried so hard to get what they were saying but most of it was like someone talking with a mouthful of marbles. I wonder sometimes if it isn’t like that with us and the Lord. He sees us very clearly and hears every cry of our heart. But we don’t always hear him clearly.  We need a good connection. Just after we talked to Ann’s, a friend was on Skype with me and I could hear her very well. I felt like I was in her house sitting across from her and talking together. . Isn’t that what we wish for our relationship with the Lord?  To see Him and to know His voice more clearly?  May He ask Him to break through all our defenses and all our barriers so that we can enjoy sweet communion with Him.