Devotions from Judy’s heart

Let us not presume that we KNOW!  We can go by the law of averages and think that we have a 99% chance something won’t happen, but we could be in that 1%. We don’t really know! Our pride thinks we do know and we may advise others as to what they should do too. As we went to Nevis one Sunday morning we came upon 6 deer along the side of the road. Al slowed down and one crossed the road in front of our car and the others started going to our right. But two of them decided to run along side our Highlander for quite some time, and then one of them crossed right in front of us. Now we would have thought that that all of them would scamper into the woods but if we assumed that, we may have hit one of them. We must always keep ourselves open and not locked in our minds, thinking we know something. Only He knows it all, even to the number of hairs on our head. Let us go to Him afresh and let His Spirit instruct us moment by moment.