Devotions from Judy’s heart

When I went downstairs a couple days ago, I noticed an aroma from the cupboard being particularly strong with an onion smell. I checked out the bag under the sink and sure enough in the bottom was a rotten onion. It had already started to blacken the onions on either side of it and I quickly got rid of all that was rotting. Sometimes we get a whiff of something that is just not quite right and we need to pay attention. Maybe something smells “fishy”!  As I look back on our lives, there were times we had a sense that something didn’t feel good, but didn’t know why.  When we kept sniffing around, we often found out why we had uneasiness in our spirit.  It led us to refrain from acting on what we had previously planned. But there were other times when we just chalked it up to being too cautious and later found out we should have listened to our spirit. Let us not underestimate the ways God speaks as it can not only affect us but the people around us. If I had left that rotten onion alone, it would have affected the whole bag.