Devotions from Stephen Smith’s book, Soul Custody

When we are experiencing stress it is good to have a sustainable rhythm for our souls. When everything around us seems to move too fast and we feel ourselves giving out we need a rhythm of rest. That means taking time for breaks, enjoying meals, and getting sleep so we can be replenished.  We know that our body and our soul cannot thrive when the soul is empty.  Rhythm allows us to engage, then disengage; to be involved, then withdraw; work and contribute, then rest and recover. To live according to God’s rhythm will nourish us but we must be intentional and not ignore.  Adele Calhoun said, “We can get so busy doing urgent things and so preoccupied with what comes next that we don’t experience the now. Afraid of being late, we rush from the past to the future. The present moment becomes a crack between what we did and what we have yet to do. It is virtually lost to us. We don’t get to our futures any faster if we hurry. And we certainly don’t become better people in haste. More likely than not, the faster we go the less we become.” Let us eradicate hurry from our lives and live according to God’s rhythm!