Devotions from Stephen Smith’s book, Soul’s custody

The demands of our roles in life affect our souls.  When we are squeezed too tightly, stress consumes our physical, emotional, and mental energy.  Stress is both residual and cumulative.  When we have prolonged stress it can lead to burnout and there are no reserves. Lingering effects on our soul might be physical exhaustion, inability to sleep, nightmares, depression, eating problems, irritability, anger, withdrawing, feeling of emptiness etc. It can also cause high  blood pressure, panic disorders, anxiety disorders, heart disease, cancer, etc.  When we are under a lot of stress we may become spiritually dry and our energy and vitality is zapped.  We must remember to take our stress to God for He understands and knows what to do about it. Like David, let us take our concerns to God. Why not read the Psalms that are full of prayers for relief from stressful situations?