Devotions from Stephen Smith’s book, Soul Custody

It isn’t possible to formulate one-size-fits-all way of dealing with stress in our lives. We are uniquely and wonderfully made and we need to recognize our own soul’s way of dealing with stress. As we learn to face it and cope we are caring for our soul and honoring the way God made us. It is good to find someone with whom we can share our doubts, fears, and disappointments with.  The church should be a place that is safe for all of us to share and listen and bear one another’s burdens and stresses.  As we listen to one another, it is not to judge but to welcome what each has to share. “When we listen well, we give our hearts to receive, our minds to process, and our souls to share the journey with a friend in need. “  As we extend care to others we offer them a place to be cared for –simply by being present, paying attention, and listening to their story. Often they will find the stress melting and flowing out of them just by being listened to. Let us help one another, and let us help ourselves to find the peace that God desires for us.