11-22 On Saturday we had 8 “Wildmen” at Canaan for retreat and I think of them as passionate for God. It reminded me of an article I read by Chila Soychik who describes a passionate woman but I think it applies to both sexes.  Persons that are passionate for God have a thirst for Him that is the driving force of their lives. They care little for fame or fortune, recognition or reward but have experienced a personal relationship with Him.  They hunger for truth in this mixed up world where wrong often seems right. They go to the Word every day as their necessary daily food.  They love others with a godly passion and model unconditional love. They don’t portray themselves as having arrived but as someone who knows where they are going. They encourage others to join them too. A passionate person lives today with tomorrow in mind, knowing their life is a drop in the bucket of time and eternity.  They live each day to the fullest and are vibrant and  committed. They avoid sin so they can gain intimacy with God. None of us have boundless energy, super-human strength, or superior spirituality.  In fact, we are ordinary ones who fail, fall, and are tired at the end of the day.  But have we seen God work,  heard Him through His Word,  experienced peace and answered prayers, and enjoyed the comfort of the Holy Spirit? If so, we can call ourselves “Wildmen” or “Wildwomen” who are passionate for Him.