Devotions based on Michael Molinos’ book, The Spiritual Guide  ( 1675)

“The deep things of God are not invented things, nor are the teachings to be proven, but rather only to be received.” The deep things don’t come through hearing or reading books, but by the Holy Spirit who wants to communicate to those that are “humble in their mind and lowly in the use of their reasoning.” The author talks about the inward way, how to go beyond mental rational prayer to a deep resting in Him. That means laying aside everything and going to that deep inward place where we find quiet and peace. As we go to this center we find He gives us strength and power to love Him more, even in hard circumstances. When we are on a journey toward a deeper relationship with the Lord, we may come to the place where reading books is tedious if they don’t deal with inward matters, or we may want to lay aside outward prayers, or we may have a growing knowledge of our own self nature. These are signs the Lord is wooing us to a deeper relationship with Him. As we conform to His leading we will know peace like never before.