Devotions from Jan Johnson’s book, Invitation to the Jesus Life

Jesus was not one to toot his own horn, sing his own praises or work at making an impression. He was not boastful, proud or self –seeking.  At times he spoke of the kingdom of God as small and hidden. Unlike power in the world, God’s kingdom power is not locked up in important positions or roles.( Like so many who try to look super good  on a resume.)

  The hidden Jesus still shows up today and we may be surprised. We must be alert or we will miss Him. C.S. Lewis said that “the world is crowded with God. He walks everywhere incognito.” Working in hiddenness, God’s power shows up in people and places we consider insignificant. 
“God receives greater glory through quiet displays of divine power than through superficial showmanship.”

God’s hiddenness invites us to decide if we want God for God’s own self-or if we simply want a secure future in eternity and abundant life now.

He is available for all who really want Him.   Part of the way we seek God with all our heart is to arrange our life in such a way that we are connecting with God as many minutes of the day as possible. May we learn to watch for God’s hiddeness in this day.
Have a great day and may you be surprised by the Lord.