I have been away from the blog site for awhile.  As you notice my wonderful bride, Judy is sharing the space with me.  She has quite a ministry, sending out her daily e-mail devotions to over 40 persons.  In most of them she shares a personal  note.  She then post the devotion on our blog site for other to read if they choose.  I believe God has given her both the gift and motivation to write to others in this fashion.  I hope in the days to come, that she will be able to write more on her journey of faith

Today I would like to reflect on a phrase from Henri Nouwen that is well known.  It is the phrase, “downward mobility.”  Nouwen sees downward mobility as, “the great parodox which Scripture reveals to us in that real and total freedom is only found through downward mobility.  The Word of God came down to us and lived among us as a slave.  This divine way is indeed the downward way.”  Jesus said of himself, “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his  life as a ransom for many” (Mark 10:45)

For sometime I have thought of this phrase in relation to wildmen and our culture.  There is something about downward mobility that is truly foreign to the temperament of contemporary men.  I would say that most men would flee from the idea of downward mobility.  So many concepts  that are implied in this phrase go against against our thinking and experience as men.  Images such as letting go, be defenseless,  putting self last, being a servant, etc.  These just don’t feel right.   Could it be that when a wildman gets in touch with his heart,  the whole concept of downward mobility can take on a new and fresh meaning for his following of Jesus.  I would like to think so.

I especially think “downward mobility” is a great phrase to use in our relationship with the  women in  our lives.  This phrase fits well with what we men know all to well, but have a hard time in following through on –  “Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her…” (Eph5:25).  I have always understood this passage to mean that in relationship with our wives and other significant women in our lives, our ego (the male ego) is the one that must get out of the way.  We as men are to set the tone for the interaction with our wives, by humbling ourselves the way Jesus did.  Don’t expect your wife to do this first.  This passage makes it very clear, that this is something we initiate.  This certainly has a lot to do with “downward mobility.”   What would it mean for you today to take the downward step with your wife?