Devotions from Jan Johnson’s book, Invitation to the Jesus Life

We are all teachers. If anyone has ever learned anything from us, then we are a teacher.

Jesus delivered content, but He spent even more time teaching by interacting with people in every day situations. He gave them plenty of latitude, asked questions that made them think and presented truth in creative ways that woke them up.  He taught with authority and authenticity.
“Teaching involves delivering content, but it also means letting people watch how you live and ask you question about why you do what you do.

Jesus trained his followers as they ate together, traveled together, and in everything they did.

He interacted with individuals according to their needs enlarging their faith in the precise way they needed rather than using a canned, one-size-fits-al approach.
He gave the breathing room to make mistakes.

Jesus purpose in asking questions was not to outsmart others but to help them follow truth logically and clearly. He wanted them to gain insight and understanding and to enlarge their faith.

Truth is more meaningful and easily remembered when we discover it ourselves.
The question for us is: “Am I willing to let Jesus be my teacher?” 

We might also ask who have been our teachers about life?  Did they do this relationally or in the classroom? How well did they resemble Jesus?