Devotions based on Michael Buchanan’s book, Spiritual Rhythms

We all crave balance in our lives but need Rhythm.  Spiritually there are times for soaring, times for walking and times for trying not to faint. There are seasons when we feel Jesus calls us to keep going when we really want to quit.  All this needs rhythm and learning to pace ourselves. Part of rhythm is knowing what gives us life. A lot of our energy can be squandered in chasing things that we’ll never catch, pining for gifts we’ll never receive. Meanwhile the things we excel at and do with ease and effectiveness, we may devalue. If we pursue God passionately, we will find that we are refilled and replenished when we pour ourselves out for the things He has created us for.  We need to chase what matters. Too often “we gain things that perish only to lose things meant to endure…example we get a big house, but are children are estranged from us.  WE are to seek Him and press into the hope of His kingdom.  It’s really not about finding balance but finding a rhythm to tilt us toward the Light!