Devotions based on Michael Buchanan’s book, Spiritual Rhythms

Every preposition is important as we read our Bibles and it shades the meaning one way or another. Jesus said you must abide in me, and I must abide in you. Being in Christ is the essence of the loving, transforming relationship He invites us to enjoy. “In-ness” defines the shape of our Christian identities, abilities, destinies. In Philippians alone Paul uses the phrase “in Christ”  18 times …..stand firm in Him, rejoice in Him, hope in Him, glory in Him, have all our needs met in Him etc.  When we fully embrace the life of “in-ness”, all is well and we have peace and bear fruit.  When we don’t our lives become anxious and unfruitful.  The only fruit that glorifies God stems from our abiding in Him and He in us.  Let us align our thoughts, words, deeds with His heart as we enter a new year!