Devotions based on Mark Buchanan’s book Spiritual Rhythm

Sometimes we work so hard but there is little fruit in our lives.  The author mentions the cause of this can be idols in our lives. Our Baal is “whatever it is in our lives which we believe holds ultimate power over our future, and so which keeps us from trusting God.”  In other words it is that which we believe secures our future. It could be a job, a position, relationship, a pension plan etc.  These things are good in their proper places but they must be in the subservient role.  If they rule us they will lure us away from radical trust in God and obedience to him. Almost anything can become idolatrous if we cherish it at the expense of what God desires. We need to be suspicious of anything that rivals our devotion to God and distracts us from pursuing His kingdom. Let us live in freedom and remember to walk in the authority and inheritance of true sons and daughters of the King.