Devotions based on David Benner’s book, Soulful Spirituality

There are two ways of knowing and responding to the world: the way of reason and the way of wonder.  The way of reason eliminates mystery and tries to control. The way of wonder accepts mysteries of life and responds with awe. When we pay attention and see things through the eyes of wonder, we see the world charged with the grandeur of God. Have you noticed when you watch the star-studded sky there are no words, just awe and reverence. A cynic tries to minimize simple wonders and doesn’t see life as sacred. In many ways we are all blind to the wonder that lies hidden in the ordinary events of our daily lives. Wonder gives us new eyes to see the world and keeps us fresh and open and curious. We don’t have to make an effort or do anything other to be open and welcome it. We might take a prayer walk and look at everything with fresh attention. We can walk slower and allow ourselves to respond and to listen. I like doing this and may not say much to God but just to think about Him and enjoy Him. Try it!