Devotions based on David Benner’s book,  Soulful Spirituality

Often we need to be reminded to get off autopilot and actually live our lives rather than just unconsciously flowing down the stream of life. Mindfulness is being aware and awake in the present moment. For most of us, we get lost in our thoughts and feelings and miss what is happening in and around us. Our inner mental and emotional experiences keep us self-preoccupied and block us from awareness. Mindfulness isn’t eliminating thoughts and feelings but being ware of our experiences. We need to be reminded often throughout the day to wake up to what is happening around us. We can only be mindful of something that is in the present. Like walking in the park…. Our body may be walking but there is a good chance our mind is somewhere else-either in the past or future. I know that is true of me. To be attentive is to live in the present moment and embrace the now. We can’t control life but we can accept life for what is, as it is. As we become more mindful it also enhances our attentiveness to other people. We are most open to others when we are open to our own self.  Learning to live with increased awareness is allowing ourselves to awaken and begin to unfold. Let us live with openness and presence.