Devotions based on David Benner’s book, Soulful Spirituality

“The gift of wonder begins with the awakening of awareness. Our part is then simply being open to seeing the ordinary in a new light-through childlike eyes of wonder.” When we wonder about anything it is like holding the object of our attention gently without having to solve it or figure it out. Mary, the mother of Jesus, pondered the angel’s message in her heart. ( Luke 2) Wonder is like heart-pondering, more than mind-thinking. It leaves space for mystery and questions. When we wonder we stand in awe and pause to see what may come from being still and open. We receive it without having to do anything to it. Wonder however does things to us. It expands our spirit and deepens our soul. It tunes us into the sacred. It softens our ego and creates space within us for surprise and awe.  It is the natural source of prayer. But this kind of prayer has few words.  This sense of wonder can also help us appreciate the mystery of our own being and we may discover new aspects of our lives. It opens us up to the world and we begin noticing something in a fresh way. Let us take time to pay attention and to be still enough to see the sacred in the ordinary.