Devotions based on David Benner’s book, Soulful Spirituality

Our journey to full personhood takes a lifetime and is not completed until death. Death is an important part of our journey and the last stage of our lives.  Spirituality is essential to our whole life. In the first stage of our lives from childhood to midlife our focus is on the external.  In the second stage, we turn more inward and find meaning that is based not so much on what we can do but who we are. The first stage has to do with the development of our ego and the second stage with transcending it. Like Paul says in Gal .2:20 his life doesn’t revolve around his ego any more but around the larger center within himself that he describes as “Christ who lives in me.” Our ego moves from the star role to that of supporting actor. We must die to our egocentric life if we are to truly live! As we dethrown our ego, we find our place in the larger whole. Our life is not our own but flows from a source greater than ourselves. Let us submit our egos to God’s will and be governed by the Spirit.