Devotions based on David Benner’s book, Soulful Spirituality

How do we respond to our deepest longings and desires that we all have?  Benner gives 3 ways that we deal with them. The first way is ego-inflation where we pursue the gratification without much attempt to channel the energy. This may be a life of boundless sexuality, boundless creativity, boundless euphoria etc. If we live from this place we will burn out fast. The second way is ego-deflation where we try to shut down the desires. But this is like a slow death by boredom or depression and leads to alienation from our selves and others. This is why depressed people turn in upon themselves. This shutting down of our longings cuts us off our very life vitality. The third way is ego-integration and this shows up with a zest for living. “Life- enhancing spirituality directs our passionate longing and desiring in ways that allow them to be integrated into the fabric of life.” This means we embrace rather than repress our passions and then draw energy from them to live life with abundance.  This kind of spirituality involves our whole person and helps us become fully alive and deeply human. It is not an escape from anything but the completion and integration of every aspect of life. Let us say yes to God as we open ourselves in trust and surrender!