Devotions based on David Benner’s book, Soulful Spirituality

St. Irenaeus reminds us, “God is glorified when we are fully alive.” The lifelong journey for all of us human beings involves growth in freedom, an opening up of our hearts to others, stepping out from behind the walls of our fears and prejudice, and discovering our humanity.  Being fully human is choice and involves living with a commitment to becoming, not simply to being.   We are human beings, not human doings!  There is a drive within us to become all that we can be. We are always evolving, always changing. Authentic spirituality grows out of emptiness. Often we are too full of ourselves, our opinions, our needs, our projects to know our deep hunger.  “Authentic spirituality leaves room for mystery and thus helps us preserve the lightness of being that is our heritage as creatures of dust and breath.”  If we approach our spiritual life with a need for understanding or wanting an ecstatic experience, we experience heaviness, not lightness.  When we are open to the Spirit we open ourselves to mysteries of life and faith. As we become fully human we will be alive in the present moment, grounded in reality, have inner freedom, be non-possessive in our love, be forgiving and respectful of others, etc. Let us not allow things to get in the way to becoming fully alive, and may we become all we can be!