Devotions based on Albert Haase’s book, This Sacred Moment

I wonder how often we are hindered from responding to God’s call in our lives by an emotional attachment to self-concern, self-image, Self-gratification, or self-preservation.When we are self-concerned we are focused on ourselves and our own interests that obstruct a selfless response to what is sacred in this moment. At the time we might ask ourselves, What’s in it for me? And then if we don’t like the answer we decide not to respond at all.An excessive focus on our self-image can also hinder us. We might have an over-concern for what people think of us and not be our true self. It gives God great pleasure when we become what He created us to be rather than duplicating someone else’s path to holiness.When our ego is invested in Self-gratification, it may show up in and indulgent lifestyle that lacks self-control or is fixated on pleasure, power and possessions. It is the opposite of self-emptying for the sake of others. Sometimes we must meet the need of the sacred moment by stepping out in faith immediately at great risk. It may not be convenient but we need to be on God’s time table. When Jesus called the disciples they left their nets and responded on the spot!Another ego obstacle to selfless openness is its obsession with self-preservation. We are afraid of losing control and of moving beyond our comfort zone, as the ego strives for safety and comfort. But God calls us beyond what is comfortable, pleasant and easy and challenges us. The rich man that came to Jesus was possessed by his own possessions and didn’t respond to Jesus invitation. We have a choice we can be like Peter who got out of the boat to walk on the water to Jesus and be a wave-walker. Or we can choose the other alternative to be a deck-hugger. The first way is freedom from the ego and openness to God’s call to us!