Devotions from Judy’s heart

I have been reading Conversations Magazine as I have been recovering and it’s all about pain in this edition. It is  especially interesting for me at this time as my cousin Mary is battling cancer and in pain. I was looking for the positive aspects of pain from the many authors writing about it. A few thoughts and questions that stood out to me….Are we diminished by pain or transformed by it? Pain can teach us to listen and show us insights and a changed view of reality. Don Simpson said, ” A positive response involves allowing pain to reshape our will by daily directing our intentionalty more lovingly and trustingly to God.”  When we go through these tough times, it can make us more humble and more dependent on God. It can give us a hunger for truth and show us what lies within us. I notice it can free us from attachments and allow us to see what is really important.  I don’t think any of us would choose pain but may our capacity for God be enlarged as we go through these times.  Let us abandon ourselves to His will and know that it is the best place to be.