Devotions from Judy’s heart

Yesterday there was a truck in our driveway and I told Al they must have the wrong place as we aren’t expecting any packages.  But our doorbell rang and there was a big box for me. An unexpected surprise!  In it was a lovely porcelain doll, Lizzie, who is called the tea party doll. She has fine features and has a smocked dress on and cute as can be. It was from a friend who thought Lizzie would bring me joy. Since I have a doll collection and since it was from a friend, it will be treasured and join the display of my other dolls.  Are we often surprised by the gifts the Lord sends our way and proceed to thank Him with hearts of gratitude?   Or do we try to demand that He give us what we think we need or want?  As a parent it is so much more fun to surprise our kids with something we know they desire rather than to give them a gift that they keep begging for and reminding us of constantly.  Of course, we have received the most wonderful gift of becoming His children and in Romans 8, it says that God gave us His son and “will He not also with Him graciously give us all things?”  I believe the Lord loves to give to us and He knows our needs and just what to give us at the right time.  I was amazed when I came home from the hospital and He sent us food through friends, flowers through family, cards and gifts through friends….and now even a doll to bring a smile. Let us remember every good gift is from Him and worthy of our thanks….  And would you believe the door bell just rang and the Fed EX just brought me something I ordered some time ago?   But how much more fun to get the unexpected surprise gift, I never ordered!  May the Lord surprise you too!!