Devotions based on Trevor Hudson’s book, Discovering our Spiritual Identity

Another dimension of Christian memory is the remembering of our own personal stories.  Our lives are never secular. They are sacred journeys in which God is constantly involved, always wanting to show us His word and love.  It is good to reflect on our life journey and remember the people who have touched our lives with kindness and warmth. Through these experiences, God has been working in our lives before we were even aware of Him. God has been present within them!  We may also have painful memories that are hard to bear. If we push them under the carpet it will cripple our capacities to live and love fully. Henri Nouwen said, “Forgetting the past is like turning our most intimate teacher against us.”  We probably all need a human wailing wall- a person who can sit with us alongside our pain and be an embodiment of His compassion and comfort. Christ fully understands and shares our suffering, and His living presence is at work in every painful memory of the past, seeking to bring forth another Easter. The resurrection power of God’s love cancels the power of the hurtful memories.  If we expose our painful past to the light and power of Christ, healing will come to the wounded child within us. Isn’t that good news!!