Devotions based on Trevor Hudson’s book. Discovering our Spiritual Identity

Our faith is grounded in remembrance- we are called to remember God’s presence in the gospel life of Jesus, in our own personal stories and in our daily lives.
The Psalmist says, “I remember you, O Lord.”  And Jesus himself said in connection with the breaking of bread to “Do this in remembrance of me.”

We all carry memories in our hearts, and when we look back on where we have come, we may see more clearly, we may be renewed, and we may have a deeper sense of who we are.
Often we may ask ourselves how we can deepen our friendship with the Lord? The author is saying, “Keep company with Jesus in the gospels”.  As we follow Jesus through the pages of the gospels, we are reminded of what God is like. Jesus becomes a living presence and we begin to sense what He wants for our daily lives. As we read through the gospels we can notice the way Jesus relates to people, hear the message he brings, watch what he does etc. And as we remember God’ loving presence in the past it makes His presence real within the present