Devotions based on Trevor Hudson’s book, Discovering Our Spiritual Identity

Daily reflection is another way we develop a Christian memory and as we practice this it keeps our remembering up to date.  No day is empty of God’s presence! God is always trying to get our attention and give us fresh glimpses of His loving presence. He uses the people we meet, the work we do, the difficulties we face etc.  If we would just pause a few minutes before we go to sleep it would create space for us to reflect on how God has been with us over the past day and how we have responded. The author calls it his daily reflection. It is simply going over our day to see where we need to be thankful for. Then ask the Spirit to show us what He wants us to see and to reveal where He has been present in our day. What is has He been asking of us?  We can reflect on our moods during the day to see if we need to ask the Lord for forgiveness when we didn’t respond to His love. WE can ask God for help and guidance for the next day.

As we do this reflection time, it helps us sense the promptings of the Spirit and to get a better picture of where the Lord is leading us. What better way to spend the last 5 or 10 minutes of our day?