Devotions based on Trevor Hudson’s book, Discovering our Spiritual Identity

Within each of us there is a picture of God that has been formed over the years and it influences how we live our daily lives.  When distortions creep into our picture of God, they have negative effects throughout our lives. Ex. If we think we have to earn God’s love and that we don’t measure up, we will wear ourselves out with busy schedules etc, as the author did.  But our picture of God can be redrawn and in any true picture of God there will be mystery. He is transcendent and beyond us, but not vague…. Rather someone personal. John Powell suggests we compare God’s love to the sun that always shines and radiates warmth and light.  We can allow the light to fill our senses and make us warm or we can separate ourselves from its rays. But the sun itself doesn’t change. In the same way God’s love never ceases and He continues to send out it’s warm rays.  He is always with us and shares our pain, and brings light and life where there is darkness and death.  Any time we are surprised with the new possibilities for life and healing in our brokenness, there is a little Easter that gives us hope. He speaks to each of us by name and welcomes us with open arms.