Devotions based on Juliet Benner’s Book, Contemplative Vision

The author says that “Christian spirituality is a journey into loving communion and union with God. It is learning to look into the face of God and, rather than experience guilt, fear or shame, know our belovedness.” As we think of Adam and Eve they had perfect fellowship with God and complete freedom. But after they sinned they lost that awareness of intimate communion with Him and ever since God has been seeking to heal our damaged seeing and knowing. So many times God invites us to come, to draw near and see for ourselves who He is. WE can choose to accept, reject or ignore these invitations. The author has us look at Nicolas Poussin’s  picture of the Adoration of the Shepherds who came to see Jesus after his birth. I am amazed at all she sees in the painting and know I have such limited sight. But it helps as she points out the sacred in the ordinary smelly stable and the humblest things exalted. I wonder if we recognize the Christ Child in our ordinary circumstances. God wants to give us renewed vision and a heart that dares to be open. It is His desire to mold us more into His image and have us respond to Him with trust.