Devotions based on Juliet Benner’s Book, Contemplative Vision

When we have times of joy and blessings, it is not hard to see God and His action in our lives. But when we are going through some chaotic times of struggle, we may feel abandoned and tempted to ask God where He is.   Even though it is hard to discern God’s presence during those times, He has assured us in His Word that He is with us and will not forsake us. Juliet gives her thoughts on Rembrandt’s picture of “Christ in the Storm on the Lake of Galilee.”

She observes so much that I missed at my first look at it but helps me see deeper as she shares. Jesus is at peace in the storm as He has perfect peace and trust in His Father. When he asks the disciples about their lack of faith, He also invites us to abandon our control and to trust Him completely. He is in our boat too!  If you really look hard at the picture there are 13 disciples in the boat and Rembrandt may have inserted himself or it may have been his way to include us in the scene. Often, don’t we question God’s slow response to help us?  But He wants us to let go and surrender to His love and safety and turn our eyes and heart to Him.  We need eyes to see Him even in our darkest and stormiest experiences as He is there.