Devotions based on David Benner’s book, Opening to God

As we truly open ourselves to God it has a great potential for transforming our inner life and bringing new freedom to us.  When we are still before God we often find that He reorganizes our inner landscape in ways that we can not imagine. Sometimes it releases in us lots of emotion and we may have tears intermixed with joy and sadness as repressed memories may come into our consciousness. This isn’t the time to try to understand the things that float to the surface but simply a time to release them to God. It’s like we get a peek at the hidden work of healing He is doing in our lives. Healing though is a byproduct not the goal. The goal is to be totally open to God and to consent to God’s presence and action in us.  With the work of inner transformation through prayer we come to a deeper peace, joy and vitality. Prayer is not designed to change God. It is to change us! Sometime we block this transformation by being preoccupied with past psychological logjams, wounds that need to be offered up to healing, hanging onto spiritual practices that no longer bring life to us, etc. Let us turn to Him and let His life flow into ours, and release any obstacles so we may be transformed by His grace.