Devotions based on Juliet Benner’s book,  Contemplative Vision

The life of Jesus was a life of love and He saw value and worth in each person. There was no one that was excluded from his welcoming embrace. He invited His followers to change the way they saw others and to see with His eyes of love and compassion. He wants us to change our perspective too and to reach out to those who seem undeserving and least like us. Juliet uses Giordano’s picture of The Good Samaritan to show us how when we extend mercy to the least of them, we are ministering to Jesus himself. ( Matt. 25:40 ) The word compassion means “to suffer with” and we need to be connected with those that suffer and show mercy and compassion. We must allow ourselves to be close enough to feel their suffering, as the Good Samaritan. There is a Jewish proverb that says most people will not see God because they will not stoop low enough.  As we are transformed we can see our neighbor as equally loved by God as we are.  Let us look at others in our midst and see God in them and have His heart of compassion.