Devotions based on Juliet Benner’s book, Contemplative Vision

When we surrender our will and life to God we don’t do it out of fear but rather in response to His love. His love risked everything for us and reaches out to us even when we are most unlovable. He desires to unite us with Him in depth and closeness. Juliet shares her thoughts of Peter Rubens painting of Descent from the cross. Rubens created art for the church with the intent to speak to the senses and emotions rather than through reason. It is a moving picture of Jesus close friends lowering His body from the cross. Their love and devotion is so evident in their expressions and each one provides care and dignity in their own way to Him. They are united in their grief and in their attention just as we are with other believers as we focus on Christ. As we serve in sacrificial love we become a Christ-bearer too. This picture was intended to be placed above the altar of the cathedral so that when they took communion the picture of His body was right at the Communion Table. Just think of the impact on those receiving. We also receive His body each Sunday as we receive the bread and the wine and enter into this mystery of the sacrament.