Devotions from Mark McMinn’s book Finding Our Way Home

Heaven is “Where we find what we want, what we have always wanted.”  WE have always wanted to be home, surrounded in the security of perfect love and understanding. Sometimes we obscure this great good, this deep longing of our heart, by filling our lives with lesser good things or with distractions, and yet the longing persists.

In heaven what we want and what we have will be perfectly aligned. Today, we live in a broken world but someday all will be in focus.

We have to decide by faith whether we are living in a one-act play or a three-act play. If it is a one-act play, then we are in the midst of a slow progression from life to death. This is all there is.
But if we are living in a three-act play –creation, fall, and redemption- then the progression is from a full life to compromised life and back to full life. Then death is not the last word. Life is the final word.  We have an amazing future that awaits us. Heaven will be a place of desire and passion and adventure. We will dance and sing before the Lord as our heart’s deepest desires are expressed and fulfilled.