Devotions from Albert Haases’ book, Living the Lord’s Prayer.

Haase is a priest, spiritual director, and former missionary to China

When a disciple asked Jesus “Teach us to pray” Jesus didn’t respond with a method or technique but with words that capture the essence of His teaching and ministry.

Much of the time when we pray the Lord’s prayer we assume it is God’s responsibility to do what we ask….to give us our daily bread, to forgive our sins, deliver us from evil etc.

 But Father Haase suggests that we should act too and be changed by our praying. He challenges us to live what we pray.  It is not just saying the words but to walk in the way of His disciple.

These words, attitudes and actions are the benchmark for us to reach our truest identity as His followers.

The Lord’s Prayer is like a summery of the Christian faith and is a guide for spiritual formation. As we pray it and live it, we will grow more deeply into Him.

It is easy to say this prayer without really letting the meaning soak in. But let us give flesh to its words today by the way we live.