Devotions from Mark McMinn’s book, Finding Our Way Home

God is high above us, transcendent in all ways, yet He is also with us, immanent in our day-to-day world. If we lean too far in the direction of transcendence we may view our creator as remote and not concerned about us. If we teeter the other way, we may drift into pantheism, that there is no room for the person to exist outside of creation.

 We need to look high to see God but we also need to be aware He is right here with us now, bursting with love for us and extending His grace.

He is our Creator and we are His creatures. He transcends us, existed before us, and is supreme over all creation. This takes the pressure off of us. We are not left to figure out truth on our own.

But let us not look too high up or too far away for God that we forget that He is with us, revealed in Jesus, inviting us to come as we are, clothed in the messiness of humanity.

As I go for prayer walks most days I am in noticing and appreciating God’s beautiful creation but often put my hand over my heart, realizing He is right there with me.

May your day be filled with the knowledge that He is there.