Devotions from Judy’s heart

Next week we are going to the Dr. for our annual check ups. We feel fine but that isn’t always an accurate measurement of what is going on in our bodies. Some time ago, my Dr. ordered a DEXA Scan, even though I was exercising and felt great. It showed that I have some osteoporosis which came as a shock. I exercised more and took supplements etc and 2 years later we thought it would show an improvement. My dr. is a Christian and he was surprised too, that I had not made progress. I hope to get another DEXA scan and this time just maybe it will show some good progress, I don’t know. Sometimes in a spiritual sense we think we are just fine when God sees us on the inside and knows something needs to be corrected.  We need to expose ourselves to His light and take His analysis of our hearts and not our own read out. Often there are deficiencies of a Vitamin or minerals etc that can give us harmful symptoms. We may have to undergo tests etc to find out what needs to be given. If we don’t go the Great Physician, we may not get the help we need for our spiritual growth. He knows us better than we know ourselves and even knows the hairs of our head ( Matt.10) He wants to give us individual care for we matter to Him.